China Custom Hfl2530 Needle Roller Bearing bearing and race

Product Description



Product Description

Bearing Number  Inner diameter/mm Outer diameter/mm Height/mm Weight/g Apply Inner Ring  
NCS1012 MR10N SJ7133 HJ101812 BR101812 15.875(0.625) 28.575(1.125) 19.05(0.75) 49 MI6N  
  MR10 SJ7134 HJ101816 BR101816 15.875(0.625) 28.575(1.125) 25.4(1) 54 MI6  
NCS1212 MR12N SJ7153 HJ122012 BR122012 19.05(0.75) 31.75(1.25) 19.05(0.75) 56 MI8N  
NCS1216 MR12 SJ7154 HJ122016 BR122016 19.05(0.75) 31.75(1.25) 25.4(1) 75 MI8  
NCS1412 MR14N SJ7173 HJ142212 BR142212 22.225(0.875) 34.925(1.375) 19.05(0.75) 63 MI10N  
NCS1416 MR14 SJ7174 HJ142216 BR142216 22.225(0.875) 34.925(1.375) 25.4(1) 84.5 MI10  
NCS1612 MR16N SJ7193 HJ162412 BR162412 25.4(1) 38.1(1.5) 19.05(0.75) 69 MI12N  
NCS1616 MR16 SJ7194 HJ162416 BR162416 25.4(1) 38.1(1.5) 25.4(1) 92.5 MI12  
NCS1816 MR18N SJ7214 HJ182616 BR182616 28.575(1.125) 41.275(1.625) 25.4(1) 102 MI14N  
NCS1820 MR18 SJ7215 HJ182620 BR182620 28.575(1.125) 41.275(1.625) 31.75(1.25) 128 MI14  
NCS2016 MR20N SJ7234 HJ257116 BR257116 31.75(1.25) 44.45(1.75) 25.4(1) 110 MI16N  
NCS2571 MR20 SJ7235 HJ257120 BR257120 31.75(1.25) 44.45(1.75) 31.75(1.25) 138 MI16  
NCS2216 MR22N SJ7254 HJ223016 BR223016 34.925(1.375) 47.625(1.875) 25.4(1) 119 MI18N  
NCS2220 MR22 SJ7255 HJ223571 BR223571 34.925(1.375) 47.625(1.875) 31.75(1.25) 149 MI18  
NCS2416 MR24N SJ7274 HJ243316 BR243316 38.1(1.5) 52.388(2.0625) 25.4(1) 149 MI20N  
NCS2420 MR24 SJ7275 HJ243320 BR243320 38.1(1.5) 52.388(2.0625) 31.75(1.25) 187 MI19/MI20  
NCS2616 MR26N SJ7294 HJ263516 BR263516 41.275(1.625) 55.562(2.1875) 25.4(1) 158 MI21N  
NCS2620 MR26 SJ7295 HJ263520 BR263520 41.275(1.625) 55.562(2.1875) 31.75(1.25) 199 MI21  
NCS2816 MR28N SJ7314 HJ283716 BR283716 44.45(1.75) 58.738(2.3125) 25.4(1) 170 MI24N  
NCS2820 MR28 SJ7315 HJ283720 BR283720 44.45(1.75) 58.738(2.3125) 31.75(1.25) 215 MI24  
NCS3571 MR30 SJ7335 HJ3 0571 0 BR3 0571 0 47.625(1.875) 61.912(2.4375) 31.75(1.25) 225 MI25  
  MR31 SJ7345     49.2125(1.9375) 63.5(2.5) 31.75(1.25) 246 MI26SS  
  MR32N SJ7354 HJ324116 BR324116 50.8(2) 65.088(2.5625) 25.4(1) 190 MI26N  
NCS3220 MR32 SJ7355 HJ324120 BR324120 50.8(2) 65.088(2.5625) 31.75(1.25) 240 MI26/MI27  
NCS3624 MR36N SJ8406 HJ364824 BR364824 57.15(2.25) 76.2(3) 38.1(1.5) 435 MI28N  
  MR36 SJ8407 HJ364828 BR364828 57.15(2.25) 76.2(3) 44.45(1.75) 510 MI28/MI30  
NCS4571 MR40N SJ8446 HJ405224 BR405224 63.5(2.5) 82.55(3.25) 38.1(1.5) 475 MI32N  
  MR40 SJ8447 HJ405228 BR405228 63.5(2.5) 82.55(3.25) 44.45(1.75) 555 MI31/MI32/MI34  
NCS4424 MR44N SJ8476 HJ445624 BR445624 69.85(2.75) 88.9(3.5) 38.1(1.5) 510 MI36N  
  MR44 SJ8477 HJ445628 BR445628 69.85(2.75) 88.9(3.5) 44.45(1.75) 600 MI35/MI36  
NCS4824 MR48N SJ8516 HJ486571 BR486571 76.2(3) 95.25(3.75) 38.1(1.5) 555 MI40N  
  MR48 SJ8517 HJ486571 BR486571 76.2(3) 95.25(3.75) 44.45(1.75) 650 MI38/MI39/MI40  
NCS5228 MR52 SJ9567 HJ526828 BR526828 82.55(3.25) 107.95(4.25) 44.45(1.75) 990 MI44  
  MR56N SJ9607     88.9(3.5) 114.3(4.5) 44.45(1.75) 1120 MI48N  
  MR56 SJ9608 HJ567232 BR567232 88.9(3.5) 114.3(4.5) 50.8(2) 1220 MI46/MI47/MI48  
  MR60 SJ9648 HJ6 0571 2 BR6 0571 2 95.25(3.75) 120.65(4.75) 50.8(2) 1290 MI50/MI52  
  MR64 SJ9688 HJ648032 BR648032 101.6(4) 127(5) 50.8(2) 1370 MI54/MI56  
NCS6832 MR68 SJ9728 HJ688432 BR688432 107.95(4.25) 133.35(5.25) 50.8(2) 1580 MI60  
  MR72 SJ6769 HJ729636   114.3(4.5) 152.4(6) 57.15(2.25) 2540 MI62  
  MR80 SJ6849 HJ801571   127(5) 165.1(6.5) 57.15(2.25) 3040 MI68  
  MR88N SJ6918 HJ8811240   139.7(5.5) 177.8(7) 63.5(2.5) 4400 MI72N  
  MR88 SJ6919 HJ8811248   139.7(5.5) 177.8(7) 76.2(3) 4956 MI72  
  MR96N SJ6925 HJ9612040   152.4(6) 190.5(7.5) 63.5(2.5) 4650 MI80N  
  MR96 SJ6926 HJ9612048   152.4(6) 190.5(7.5) 76.2(3) 5330 MI80  
  MR104N SJ6935 HJ1 0571 840   165.1(6.5) 203.2(8) 63.5(2.5) 4970 MI88N  
  MR104 SJ6936 HJ1 0571 848   165.1(6.5) 203.2(8) 76.2(3) 5700 MI88  
  MR116 SJ2326 HJ11614648   184.1(7.25) 231.775(9.125) 76.2(3) 8110 MI96  
  MR124 SJ2426 HJ12415448   196.85(7.75) 244.475(9.625) 76.2(3) 8310 MI104  
  MR132 SJ2526 HJ13216248   209.55(8.25) 257.175(10.125) 76.2(3) 9080 MI112  
  MR140 SJ2626 HJ14017048   222.25(8.75) 269.875(10.625) 76.2(3) 9550 MI120  

Production Line 


HangZhou Siruibo Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. is a company mainly engaged in manufacturing and selling outer spherical bearings. The registered capital is Five million.

Since its establishment 20 years ago, the company is committed to Mounted Bearing Unit (maintenance-free bearings, engraving machine bearings, holding machine shaft Bearing, no-tillage machine bearing, fan bearing, high temperature bearing, zinc alloy bearing, food grade bearing unit) research and development. With the most complete varieties and best advanced manufacturing technology in production of Mounted Bearing Unit, to be a reliable enterprises, we welcome your cooperation.  Currently, our company produce 10 series of more than 260 varieties of outer spherical bearings and 13 different structural categories of outer spherical bearing special seats, all adopted  International standard design and manufacturing. Registered trademark “FOS” .

Through the efforts and unremitting pursuit of all employees of the company, all products accepted by international standards. Over the years of Expansion and technical transformation, we developed into a Mounted Bearing Unit with large scale of professional manufacturers, for the bearing industry in China, has made a contribution to the development of Bearing.

HangZhou Siruibo Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. has a production capacity of 1 million sets/year, with an annual output value of 30 million yuan. We produce 30 varieties monthly , with 45-60 days lead time.

The company has a perfect material and product quality inspection equipment, according to the strict scientific Quality assurance system,  to prove satisfactory to our customers.  Our products widely used in agricultural Industry machinery, textile machinery and light industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, printing, food, transportation, coal, packaging and other industries and the introduction of machinery .Our products have exported to Europe, America and many countries and regions in South east Asia.


About us:
We are 1 manufactuer of bearing for more than 20 years.
Give us a chance, we will cooperate with our passion.
Our professional, reliable, experienced  products and service can meet your request.

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Cage: With Cage
Rows Number: Single
Load Direction: Thrust Bearing
Style: With Inner Ring
Material: Bearing Steel
Type: Open


Customized Request

needle bearing

Considerations for Selecting the Appropriate Needle Bearing Size and Type

Choosing the right needle bearing size and type is crucial to ensure optimal performance, longevity, and reliability in various applications. Several factors should be carefully considered when selecting needle bearings:

  • Load Requirements:

Determine the magnitude and direction of the loads the bearing will experience. Needle bearings are available in various load capacities, and selecting a bearing that can handle the intended loads is essential for preventing premature failure.

  • Speed:

Consider the rotational speed at which the bearing will operate. High-speed applications may require needle bearings designed to handle increased rotational forces and reduce frictional heat buildup.

  • Space Constraints:

Needle bearings are known for their compact design, making them suitable for applications with limited space. Ensure that the selected bearing size fits within the available space without compromising performance.

  • Shaft and Housing Fit:

Choose a needle bearing that provides the appropriate clearance between the shaft and housing. Proper fit helps distribute loads evenly and prevents excessive wear.

  • Lubrication:

Determine the lubrication method and frequency required for the application. Some needle bearings are pre-greased, while others require periodic lubrication. Consider the operating conditions and select a bearing that aligns with the lubrication practices.

  • Temperature and Environment:

Account for the operating temperature range and environmental conditions. High temperatures, exposure to contaminants, and harsh chemicals can affect bearing performance. Choose a needle bearing material and design that can withstand these conditions.

  • Radial and Axial Loads:

Understand whether the application requires primarily radial, axial, or a combination of both loads. Needle bearings come in various configurations to handle different load types effectively.

  • Application Type:

Consider the specific application, whether it’s automotive, industrial, or aerospace. Each application may have unique requirements, such as precision, load capacity, and durability.

  • Manufacturer Specifications:

Refer to the manufacturer’s specifications, guidelines, and technical data. Manufacturers provide information on load ratings, operating conditions, and recommended usage, aiding in the selection process.

  • Bearing Cage Material:

The choice of bearing cage material affects performance and durability. Different materials offer varying levels of friction, wear resistance, and temperature tolerance.

Ultimately, selecting the appropriate needle bearing involves a comprehensive understanding of the application’s demands and operating conditions. Collaborating with bearing experts or manufacturers can provide valuable insights and guidance in making the right choice. Proper selection ensures that the needle bearings contribute to efficient and reliable operation in diverse industrial sectors.

needle bearing

Enhancement of Automotive Engines and Transmissions through Needle Bearings

Needle bearings play a critical role in enhancing the operation of automotive engines and transmissions, contributing to their efficiency, reliability, and overall performance. These precision bearings are strategically employed in various components to address specific challenges and optimize functionality. Here’s how needle bearings enhance the operation of automotive engines and transmissions:

  • Engine Components:

1. Connecting Rods:

Needle bearings are commonly used in connecting rods, the crucial components that connect the piston to the crankshaft. Their compact design and high load-carrying capacity allow for smooth reciprocating motion while accommodating the dynamic loads generated by combustion.

  • 2. Camshafts:

In overhead camshaft (OHC) configurations, needle bearings are employed to support the camshaft. These bearings reduce friction and ensure precise rotation, allowing for accurate valve timing and improved engine efficiency.

  • 3. Rocker Arms:

Needle bearings are utilized in rocker arm assemblies to facilitate the movement of rocker arms. This contributes to more precise valve actuation, reduced friction, and enhanced overall engine performance.

  • Transmissions:

1. Gear Shafts:

Needle bearings are used in gear shafts to support and facilitate their rotational movement. The low-friction characteristics of needle bearings improve gear shifting smoothness and reduce energy loss, enhancing transmission efficiency.

  • 2. Planetary Gears:

Automatic transmissions feature planetary gearsets, where needle bearings provide support between gear elements. This design reduces friction during gear engagement and disengagement, resulting in seamless gear changes.

  • 3. Torque Converters:

In automatic transmissions, needle bearings contribute to the operation of torque converters. They enable the smooth transfer of power between the engine and transmission, enhancing drivability and fuel efficiency.

By incorporating needle bearings into these critical engine and transmission components, automotive manufacturers achieve several benefits:

  • Reduced Friction:

The low-friction design of needle bearings reduces energy loss, contributing to improved fuel efficiency and overall engine performance.

  • Enhanced Durability:

Needle bearings’ ability to handle high loads and provide reliable support extends the lifespan of engine and transmission components.

  • Precise Motion:

Needle bearings facilitate precise and controlled motion in components like camshafts, rocker arms, and gear shafts, resulting in accurate engine timing and smooth gear shifts.

  • Reduced Vibration:

By minimizing friction and providing stable support, needle bearings contribute to reduced vibration and noise in the engine and transmission systems.

  • Improved Shift Quality:

Seamless gear shifts and smooth operation in automatic transmissions are achieved through the use of needle bearings in gear assemblies.

  • Optimized Performance:

Overall, needle bearings enhance the efficiency, durability, and performance of automotive engines and transmissions, resulting in vehicles that are more fuel-efficient, reliable, and enjoyable to drive.

needle bearing

Advantages of Needle Bearings Compared to Other Types of Bearings

Needle bearings offer several key advantages over other types of bearings due to their unique design and capabilities. These advantages make needle bearings well-suited for specific applications where space constraints, high load capacity, and efficient motion are crucial. Here are the key advantages of using needle bearings in comparison to other types of bearings:

  • Compact Design:

Needle bearings have a slim and cylindrical shape with a high length-to-diameter ratio. This compact design allows for the accommodation of high radial loads in limited installation spaces, making them suitable for applications with space constraints.

  • High Load Capacity:

The longer cylindrical rollers of needle bearings distribute the load over a larger contact area. This characteristic enables needle bearings to handle high radial loads, making them suitable for applications requiring substantial load-carrying capabilities.

  • Reduced Friction:

The smaller diameter of needle rollers results in reduced contact angle with the bearing raceways. This leads to lower friction levels during operation, contributing to energy efficiency, reduced heat generation, and improved overall performance.

  • Precise Motion:

Needle bearings provide smoother and more precise rolling motion due to their reduced friction and contact area. This attribute is essential in applications demanding accurate and controlled movement.

  • High Rigidity:

Despite their slender profile, needle bearings exhibit high rigidity and stiffness. This characteristic is beneficial in applications where minimal deflection and precise positioning are required.

  • Lightweight:

The compact design of needle bearings results in lightweight components. This is advantageous in applications where minimizing weight is essential, such as in aerospace and automotive applications.

  • Versatility:

Needle bearings find use in various industries and applications, ranging from automotive and industrial machinery to aerospace and medical equipment. Their adaptability and performance make them a versatile choice for diverse requirements.

  • Reduced Heat Generation:

Due to their reduced friction and efficient load distribution, needle bearings generate less heat during operation. This contributes to extended bearing life and improved overall system efficiency.

  • Long Service Life:

The ability of needle bearings to handle high loads and operate with reduced friction leads to increased bearing longevity. This can result in reduced maintenance frequency and increased equipment uptime.

  • Cost-Effectiveness:

Needle bearings offer cost-effective solutions in applications where high load capacity and compact design are critical. Their ability to handle heavy loads within limited space can lead to optimized system designs.

Overall, the advantages of needle bearings make them a preferred choice in scenarios where their specific attributes align with the requirements of the application. These bearings excel in delivering efficient load handling, precise motion, and reliable performance.

China Custom Hfl2530 Needle Roller Bearing   bearing and raceChina Custom Hfl2530 Needle Roller Bearing   bearing and race
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