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Factory DB75716 NE75714 DBF68933 NE68934 rear CZPT Needle Roller Bearing for Peugeot 206/405

Product Description                                              


PEUGEOT 206 rear axle bearing


DB75716+ NE75714


PEUGEOT 405 Rear axle bearing:




1. K, Radial needle roller and cage assemblies
2. NA, NKI-type needle roller bearings
3. RNA, NK-type needle roller bearings without inner ring
4. HK drawn cup needle roller bearings
5. BK Drawn cup needle roller bearings


 Needle roller bearing HK series:

HK0306 HK0408 HK0508 HK0509 HK571 HK0608 HK0609 HK0611 HK0708 HK0709 HK0808 HK571 HK571 HK 0571 HK571 HK571 HK571 HK1571 HK1012 HK1015 HK1018 HK1208 HK1210 HK1212 HK1214 HK1215 HK1218 HK13.512 HK1412 HK1416 HK1512 HK1514 HK1516 HK1520 HK1522 HK1612 HK1614 HK1616 HK1712 HK1714 HK1716 HK1718 HK1722 HK1812 HK1816 HK2571 HK2012 HK2014 HK2016 HK2018 HK2571 HK2571 HK257118 HK257120 HK257130 HK257118 HK2210 HK2212 HK2220 HK2230 HK222925 HK222930 HK223014 HK2512 HK2514 HK2516 HK2518 HK2520 HK2522 HK2525 HK253308 HK253310 HK253315 HK253520 HK3012 HK3016 HK3018 HK3571 HK3571 HK3026 HK3032 HK3232 HK323934 HK3512 HK3516 HK3518 HK3520 HK3524 HK3525 HK3532 HK354512 HK7949/38 HK4012 HK4016 HK4571 HK4032 HK4038 HK4512 HK4516 HK4518 HK4520 HK4525 HK4538 HK5012 HK5016 HK5018 HK5571 HK5571 HK5038 HK5520 HK5525 HK5528 HK6012 HK6571 HK6032\

Item old Item d D B(mm)
(mm) (mm)
HK0408 37941/4 4 8 8
HK0509 47941/5 5 9 9
HK0608 37941/6 6 10 8
HK0609 47941/6 6 10 9
HK0709 47941/7 7 11 9
HK0808 37941/8 8 12 8
HK571 57941/8 8 12 10
HK571 57941/9 9 13 10
HK571 67941/9 9 13 12
HK1571 57941/10 10 14 10
HK1012 67941/10 10 14 12
HK121715 57941/12 12 17 15
HK1412 37941/14 14 20 12
HK1416 57941/14 14 20 16
HK1512 37941/15 15 21 12
HK1516 57941/15 15 21 16
HK1612 37941/16 16 22 12
HK1616 57941/16 16 22 16
HK1712 37941/17 17 23 12
HK1812 37941/18 18 24 12
HK1816 57941/18 18 24 16
HK2571 27941/20 20 26 10
HK2012 37941/20 20 26 12
HK2016 57941/20 20 26 16
HK2210 27941/22 22 28 10
HK2212 37941/22 22 28 12
HK2216 57941/22 22 28 16
HK2512 27941/25 25 32 12
HK2516 47941/25 25 32 16
HK2520 67941/25 25 32 20
HK2816 47941/28 28 35 16
HK2820 67941/28 28 35 20
HK3012 27941/30 30 37 12
HK3016 47941/30 30 37 16
HK3571 67941/30 30 37 20
HK3512 27941/35 35 42 12
HK3520 67941/35 35 42 20
HK4012 27941/40 40 47 12
HK4571 67941/40 40 47 20
HK4512 27941/45 45 52 12


tem No.

Model No.

Specification ranges



BK0408~BK6032 4~60 



HK0408~HK6032 4~60 



BA55~BA1816 7.94~22.22



SCE108~SCE1616PP 15.88~25.4 



F-0608~F-60*68*40 6~60



HF0409~HF3530 4~35


HF plus




K5*8*8TN~K110*118*30 5~110



KZK8*12*8~KZK40*48*20 8~40



KB8*11*10~KB20*25*25 8~20



NK5/10TN~NK60/25 5~60



RNA4900~RNA4928 14~160



RNA6900~RNA6919 14~110



NKI8~NKI100/30 8~100 



NA4900~NA4928 10~140



NA6900~NA6919 10~95



RNAV4002~RNAV4017 21.87~104.8



NAV4002~NAV4017 15~85



AXK571TN~AXK165710 4~160



NTA-512~NTA-3244 7.92~50.80 



AXW10~AXW50 10~50



AS571~AS165710 4~160 



WS81102~WS81132 15~160



ZS1127~ZS141199 15~160..









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Cage: With Cage
Rows Number: Single
Load Direction: Radial Bearing
Style: With Outer Ring, With Inner Ring
Material: Bearing Steel
Type: Open


Customized Request

needle bearing

Role of Needle Bearings in Compact Applications and Limited Space

Needle bearings are essential components in applications that require compact designs and have limited available space. Their unique design characteristics make them particularly suitable for such applications, where traditional bearings might not be feasible. Here’s the role of needle bearings in compact applications:

  • Reduced Radial Profile:

Needle bearings have a compact radial profile due to their cylindrical rollers with a small diameter-to-length ratio. This design allows them to accommodate high radial loads in a confined space without sacrificing load-carrying capacity.

  • Space Optimization:

Applications with limited space, such as small machinery, automotive components, and medical devices, benefit from needle bearings’ ability to provide efficient load support while minimizing the space required.

  • Lightweight Design:

Needle bearings’ lightweight construction is advantageous for applications where minimizing weight is crucial. Their compact size contributes to overall system weight reduction.

  • High Load Capacity:

Despite their small size, needle bearings can handle substantial radial and axial loads. This capability is essential for applications that demand high load-carrying capacity within limited space constraints.

  • Efficient Energy Transfer:

Needle bearings’ efficient energy transfer properties make them suitable for compact applications involving oscillating or reciprocating motions, where minimal energy loss is essential.

  • Precision Movements:

Needle bearings facilitate precise and controlled movements in compact applications, contributing to accurate positioning and operation.

  • Automotive Components:

Needle bearings are used in various automotive components, such as transmissions, engine components, and steering systems, to ensure reliable performance within the limited space available.

  • Robotics and Automation:

In robotics and automation, where space is often restricted, needle bearings enable smooth and accurate movement in robotic arms, pick-and-place systems, and linear actuators.

  • Medical Instruments:

Medical devices and instruments, such as surgical tools and diagnostic equipment, require precise movement in confined spaces. Needle bearings facilitate this precise motion.

  • Consumer Electronics:

Compact electronic devices, such as hard drives, printers, and scanners, benefit from needle bearings’ ability to provide efficient movement and load support in small spaces.

Overall, needle bearings’ compact design, high load capacity, and efficient operation make them invaluable in applications where limited space is a critical consideration. Their contribution to achieving optimal performance within constrained dimensions is essential for various industries and technologies.

needle bearing

Challenges and Solutions for Preventing Needle Bearing Misalignment

Needle bearings, like all precision bearings, are susceptible to misalignment, which can lead to reduced performance, premature wear, and even bearing failure. Misalignment occurs when the bearing’s inner and outer rings are not properly aligned with each other or with the shaft and housing. Here are the challenges posed by needle bearing misalignment and the solutions to prevent it:

  • Challenge: Operating Conditions:

Highly dynamic applications, heavy loads, and vibrations can lead to misalignment over time, impacting bearing performance.

  • Solution: Adequate Load Distribution:

Choose a bearing with sufficient load-carrying capacity for the application’s demands. Distributing the load across multiple bearings can reduce individual bearing stress and mitigate misalignment.

  • Challenge: Shaft and Housing Tolerances:

Deviation from proper shaft and housing tolerances can result in misalignment.

  • Solution: Proper Installation:

Ensure the shaft and housing are within the specified tolerances during installation. Proper fits and clearances minimize the risk of misalignment.

  • Challenge: Shaft Deflection:

Shaft deflection due to heavy loads or improper supports can cause misalignment.

  • Solution: Stiff Supports:

Use stiff supports to minimize shaft deflection. This can involve using larger bearings, selecting appropriate support structures, or adding additional supports.

  • Challenge: Thermal Expansion:

Temperature changes can cause components to expand or contract, potentially leading to misalignment.

  • Solution: Thermal Management:

Consider the temperature range the bearing will operate in and select materials and lubricants that can handle these conditions. Providing adequate ventilation or cooling systems can also help manage temperature-related misalignment.

  • Challenge: Improper Handling and Installation:

Misalignment can occur if the bearing is mishandled during installation or if it’s not mounted correctly.

  • Solution: Precise Installation:

Follow proper installation procedures, including using appropriate tools, ensuring accurate alignment, and applying proper preload and torque settings.

  • Challenge: Lack of Lubrication:

Insufficient lubrication can cause increased friction and heat, potentially leading to misalignment.

  • Solution: Proper Lubrication:

Regularly lubricate the bearing according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Proper lubrication minimizes friction and reduces the risk of misalignment caused by overheating.

  • Challenge: Shock and Impact Loads:

Sudden shock loads or impacts can disrupt bearing alignment.

  • Solution: Damping and Shock Absorption:

Use damping elements or shock-absorbing systems to mitigate sudden loads. This can help protect the bearing from misalignment due to shock forces.

In conclusion, preventing needle bearing misalignment requires a combination of proper design considerations, precise installation practices, and suitable operating conditions. By understanding the challenges posed by misalignment and implementing the appropriate solutions, you can ensure the optimal performance and longevity of needle bearings in various applications.

needle bearing

Applications and Industries Commonly Using Needle Bearings

Needle bearings, due to their unique design and advantageous characteristics, find applications in a wide range of industries and scenarios where compactness, high load capacity, and efficient motion are essential. Here are some typical applications and industries where needle bearings are commonly used:

  • Automotive Industry:

Needle bearings are used in various automotive components, including engines, transmissions, drive shafts, and wheel hubs. They provide efficient load handling and precise motion, contributing to the performance and reliability of vehicles.

  • Industrial Machinery:

Industrial machinery, such as machine tools, printing presses, textile machines, and conveyors, often rely on needle bearings for their ability to handle high radial loads while maintaining a compact size. These bearings are essential for smooth and accurate motion in industrial processes.

  • Aerospace and Aviation:

In aerospace applications, where minimizing weight and space is critical, needle bearings are used in components like control systems, actuators, landing gear, and flight control surfaces. Their compact design and high load capacity make them suitable for various aircraft systems.

  • Medical Equipment:

Needle bearings are used in medical devices and equipment, including surgical tools, imaging systems, and laboratory equipment. Their precise motion and compact size are essential for maintaining accuracy and efficiency in medical procedures.

  • Consumer Electronics:

Devices such as printers, scanners, cameras, and optical instruments often incorporate needle bearings to achieve smooth and precise movement. These bearings contribute to the overall user experience by delivering accurate functionality.

  • Power Tools:

Power tools like drills, grinders, and saws utilize needle bearings for their ability to withstand heavy loads and provide efficient motion. These bearings contribute to the durability and performance of the tools.

  • Textile Industry:

In textile machinery, needle bearings play a crucial role in maintaining the precise movement required for processes such as weaving, spinning, and knitting. Their ability to handle high loads ensures reliable operation in demanding textile applications.

  • Construction Equipment:

Construction machinery, including excavators, bulldozers, and cranes, use needle bearings to handle heavy loads and provide smooth motion in various mechanical components. These bearings contribute to the efficiency of construction operations.

  • Robotics and Automation:

Needle bearings are essential in robotic systems and automation equipment, where compact size, high load capacity, and precise motion are necessary for efficient operation. They enable accurate movement and positioning in robotic applications.

  • Marine Industry:

In marine environments, needle bearings are used in shipbuilding, offshore platforms, and marine equipment. Their ability to withstand harsh conditions and efficiently handle loads makes them valuable components in marine applications.

These examples demonstrate the versatility of needle bearings and their widespread use across various industries. Their ability to provide efficient load handling and precise motion in compact designs makes them a valuable solution in applications where performance, reliability, and space optimization are paramount.

China best Factory dB70216 Ne70214 Dbf68933 Ne68934 Rear CZPT Needle Roller Bearing for Peugeot 206/405   wholesalerChina best Factory dB70216 Ne70214 Dbf68933 Ne68934 Rear CZPT Needle Roller Bearing for Peugeot 206/405   wholesaler
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